Trademark, Henry Strobel, Violin Maker & Publisher Henry Strobel's professional books are used in violin shops and schools worldwide. He made his first violin in 1967 and has operated his present violin shop, Henry Strobel & Sons, near Salem, Oregon since 1985. His first book, Useful Measurements for Violin Makers, has become a universal reference, but there are now fourteen books and a video on making, repairing, adjusting, and understanding instruments and bows of the violin family. the author

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Book Catalog of Henry Strobel, Violin Maker and Publisher

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Violin Making, Step by Step (Comprehensive)
Viola Making, Step by Step
Cello Making, Step by Step (4/4 & 7/8)
The "Making" books above include full size working drawings.
Art & Method of the Violin Maker (The finer points)
Useful Measurements for Violin Makers (Everyone needs this!)
Violin Maker's Notebook (Repair shop manual)
"Health" of the Violin, Viola, Cello (Translated fromnFrench)
Reflections, Personal Essays (non-technical)
My Real-World Violin Shop
"Watch Me Make a Cello" DVD, 6 hours

Books by Colleagues

Setup and Repair of the Double Bass for Optimum Sound
"Coda" to Setup and Repair of the Double Bass
How to Improve Resonance Conditions . . . by Vibration Dedamping
Practical Acoustics of Instruments of the Violin Family

Reviews of the Strobel Books
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Personal violin interest and information by Henry Strobel

Updated Welcome Message
Welcome to our workshop and publishing house
A cello by Henry Strobel. What's special about it?
Photo gallery of instruments made by Henry Strobel
"Watch Me Make a Cello" (stills from the video)
Varnishing a cello, a picture story
Henry Jr varnishes his violin, step by step
Interesting old instrument photos & notes
Adjusting a violin, a checklist
Young Person's Guide to String Instrument Care
A Perfect Gift for Robert
Some Local Favorites
First 50 years of the Salem, Oregon Youth Symphony
Adventures of Charles Croucher, Pioneer Gold Seeker

Personal (non-violin) items by Henry Strobel

Selections from Reflections, Personal Essays
My own Linux Computer
Photographic Memories
St. Boniface Community Archives & Museum
Strobel Families
Matthias Klotz of Mittenwald (book download ZIP format)

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