Here's a really new book from Henry Strobel.
Readable and literary.

It's (mostly) not on violin making - who will read it?
Those who enjoy the art of the personal essay.
Students who like to know where the teacher is coming from.
Lovers of the good life and of good books.
Men of good will.

REFLECTIONS (Personal Essays) by Henry Strobel

First Edition of 500 Numbered Copies. Hardcover, 128 pages.

ISBN 1-892210-01-0, December 1999, $19.50

This book was lived, written, designed, and typeset
in Goudy Old Style by Henry Strobel
and printed by Thomson-Shore in
the United States of America.

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From the Book Jacket: "Henry Strobel is not your typical violin maker and this is no ordinary book. It's a pleasantly honest book of fact and conviction . . .

"He likes to write too, and numerous readers have written they liked his books for the writing as well as the information. He wrote this different kind of book first for his family and friends, then for some of his regular readers, and finally for all.

"Be forewarned - this is a thoughtful book of reflections, of personal essays. This is his book for sure, but there will be sympathetic resonances in it for many others.

"In these few pages are bits of life, of nostalgia, adventure and art, of philosophy, social and technological commentary, human decency and religion. Something for everyone."

The author has been a student, an Air Force officer, successful electronic engineer, businessman, violin maker, writer, publisher, and historian. With his wife Susan and son Henry Jr. he operates his violin shop, writes and publishes books on violin making, about one hundred thousand sold.

Book Spine

This is a high quality hardcover book with gold-stamped blue cloth binding, 128 pages. Autobiographical and philosophical, it is engagingly written and artistically typeset, with photos throughout.

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