List of Individuals
Rogier, James
Rogier, James (1)
Rogier, James (2)
Rogier, Jessica
Rogier, John
Rogier, John Bernard
Rogier, Joseph
Rogier, Joseph August
Rogier, Joshua
Rogier, Julia
Rogier, Katherine
Rogier, Kenneth Leo
Rogier, Kimberly
Rogier, Lawrence Joseph
Rogier, Lawrence Joseph (1)
Rogier, Marc Anthony
Rogier, Marcus
Rogier, Mary Cecilia
Rogier, Mary Gertrude
Rogier, Mary Jo
Rogier, Mathew John
Rogier, Megan
Rogier, Michael James
Rogier, Michelle
Rogier, Nanette
Rogier, Nichole
Rogier, Nichole (1)
Rogier, Patricia Ann
Rogier, Patrick
Rogier, Paul
Rogier, Phaedra
Rogier, Ralph Benjamin
Rogier, Rebecca
Rogier, Rita Mae
Rogier, Robert
Rogier, Robert (1)
Rogier, Robert Francis
Rogier, Robert Howard
Rogier, Roberta
Rogier, Ronald Joseph
Rogier, Ronald Lee
Rogier, Rose Mary
Rogier, Scott
Rogier, Shawn
Rogier, Stephanie
Rogier, Stephanie (1)
Rogier, Stephen
Rogier, Stephen Joseph
Rogier, Tasha
Rogier, Thomas
Rogier, Thomas (1)
Rogier, Thomas Walter
Rogier, Timothy
Rogier, Vanessa
Rogier, Victoria
Rogier, Victoria (1)
Rogier, Wesley
Rogier, William
Rohl, Alice Faye
Rollett, Joseph
Rollett, Katherine
Rollins, Debbie
Rollins, John
Rollins, John Glenn
Rollins, Joseph
Rollins, Liza
Rollins, Mark
Rollins, Pam
Rollins, Sherry
Romestan, Mel
Roses, Annabelle Elizabeth
Roses, Julia Thomas
Roses, Steven
Roses, Steven Mark
Roskos, Ingrid Karen
Rossi, Amy Rose
Rossi, Andrew
Rossi, Christina
Rossi, Maria
Rotella, Ann
Rotella, Dominic Vincent
Rotella, Joseph David
Rotella, Joseph Phillip
Rotella, Joseph Verdi
Rotella, Lauri Ann
Rotella, MIa
Rotella, Philip Anthony
Rotella, Richard Paul
Rotella, Shari Lynn
Rothart/|Bil, William
Rothfuss, Charles
Rothfuss, Clara
Rothfuss, Frank
Rothfuss, George
Rothfuss, John
Rothfuss, John (1)
Rothfuss, Lona
Rothfuss, Mary
Rothfuss, Rosa C.
Rothfuss, Sophia

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