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Welcome to Saint Boniface Church

136 Years In Sublimity, since 1879

375 SE Church St., Sublimity OR 97385
Sunday Mass: 10:00AM
Saturday Mass: 7:00PM
Daily Mass Tuesday-Friday: 7:00AM
Confessions: First Saturday, 9-10 am & 5:30-6:30 pm; Every Saturday, 5:30-6:30 pm
Other nearby Mass times
Office hours: 8am-1pm Tuesday through Friday. Closed Monday

Fr. Paul Materu, Administrator
Telephone 503 897-7424
Fr. Paul

Church Calendar and Bulletins

St. Boniface Community Archives & Museum
Across the street from the church. You're welcome (free) 9am-noon on the first Tuesday of every month.

Sacred Hearts Shrine

St. Boniface, born about 679 in England, brought the Christian faith to the Germanic peoples. He cut down an oak that the people had been worshipping, which is why he is shown with an ax at his feet. He may have also presented the evergreen as a sign of Christ and Christmas. In 1879 Catholics of Sublimity chose him as patron saint of their church. Welcome today to his web page and to our community!

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